Monday, October 27, 2008

It's been a while, hunh.

I really have been working on stuff. I've finished two hats and a scarf. I started another scarf. I've been working on long neglected monkey socks. I went to upstate New York for a long weekend. All sorts of stuff. (one of the hats was an "emergency hat" as in, Eek! The baby is 10 months old now and doesn't have any winter hats! And we're going someplace cold!) Oh, and I put together El's costume and I made some accessories for the monkey's costume (it's foraged - part sewn, part thrifted, part recycled, part "free" medical supplies from auntie). La's costume is from the store. Hers was the first one done. :^)

Here is the hat and scarf set I made for La. I don't think I have pictures of the finished scarf, but they got a fair amount of use at my grandparents'. Frankly, I think both could be better - the hat is a little small and the scarf has some weird mistakes in it. They were hurried and it shows. The end consumer is happy with it though. I'm still on the hook for socks and mittens for her.Scarf for La Phooey. I don't even have finished pictures of these. But this is an in progress shot of the scarf. Will have to go through the house and photograph stuff and come back to this later.

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