Thursday, January 08, 2009

Getting Back to Real Life

Over the break, I was on a total finishing streak. Amazing.

I finished this scarf for the monkey. It's the ubiquitous Noro striped scarf. (Jared Flood's idea). I could have made it longer. But I think it'll work. It doesn't quite have the drama from the length that his old scarf has, but it has some color.

Noro Scarf!

I did a lot of sewing over the break. People were taking good naps. Or going to bed at a decent hour. I finished a nightgown for me. Flannel recieving blankets for one of my *three* pregnant peeps (Is it just me or do pregnant ladies seem to come in threes? Or is it just that pregnancy is long enough that it seems that way?) I started taking apart El's quilt to insert the new stripes. And I made some capes. 4 capes. One for La (of course.) Two for our January 5 birthday friends, and one for a big-brother-to-be. La's cape has seen more use than the doll quilts, frankly.


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