Tuesday, December 30, 2008

All that hullabaloo

Three birthdays, Christmas, done; now we're at the lull before the new year. Thank heavens.

I finished some socks for La. Now she's chomping at the bit for fingerless gloves from the same yarn.
Socks for La

I unearthed the sewing machine and started to work through the pile near it. I re-attached the patches to one of DH's Boy Scout shirts. In time for the Citrus Bowl program sales. I've also made a quick pocketbook for myself from pre-quilted fabric from Joann's. And repaired it. The fabric was two-sided.....which means I didn't have to find fabric to line it, but didn't have my usual way of having neat and tidy seams. Need to think some more about the right way to do that.

But I also whipped these doll recieving blankets up. One friend is having a baby in May (a girl) and I have some flannel ready to sew up into blankies for her baby. I made these three out of leftovers from hers and from El (the nursery rhyme fabric is from El). I meant to have them ready for Christmas, but well.... that's how things are sometimes, I guess.

doll blankets

I got some really pretty handspun yarn and a set of Kaffee Fassett squares from one aunt. And yarn for a sweater for El from another. Fabulous. Still working on the socks and scarf for the Monkey. Have been thinking about what socks to make next (for me). And working to finish some stuff up, although, I'm feeling like I need to make pajama pants for the kids, I'm resisting cutting new stuff up. I'm working on unsewing the quilt for El to make room for the new stripes. I hear something rattling in the back of the house. It might be the baby. More later.

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