Tuesday, January 04, 2011

10 on Tuesday: Ten things you wouldn't want to live without

I took this as modern conveniences - like sliced bread of the digital age.

1. The digital picture frame on my desk at work. I added on new pictures from the last few months. It's nice to have.

2. Thumbdrives.

3. Google calendar. It's how we keep everything together - I have a calendar for myself, my husband, my 8 year old, my Girl Scout troop, and the 17 year old, and the menu. I toy with the idea of a calendar for the three year old, but I don't think we're quite there yet.

4. The Internet. For sites like recipe sites, the FDA recalls, the tropical weather information, ravelry, etc.

5. ipods - music mixes, podcasts, audio books.

6. Being able to trigger a prescription refill through a touch-tone phone menu.

7. Word processors and Excel - so much more flexible than graph paper and typewriters. The way my mom tracked cookie sales and the way I do it are so different. :)

8. RSS feeds and feed readers.

9. broadband.

10. Then there's the stuff that makes it OK to live in Florida - like air conditioning and doppler radar and those hurricane hunter airplanes.

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