Friday, February 04, 2011

projects projects projects

It seems like (a)I haven't finished much in a long time and (b)I don't have much time to do good crafting. 
But here's a run-down on the latest.  I may add pictures later.  Or I may reblog some of the things.  We'll see.

1.Here's what we have in work -
-10 tent bags for DH's Boy Scout Troop.  2 done; 8 to go.  Ripstop nylon.  Blurgh.
-sweater for my new baby cousin.  I have a few more rows of the back, and the left side/sleeve to do.
-socks for my sister - I'm about 2/3 done with the first one.
-washable hat for me - I'm about 1/2 way done with it.
-quilt made from a fat quarter pack I got for Christmas.  It's underway - I'm at a point where I need to iron and make decisions.
2.  Here's what's coming up -
-hats for my sister's family.  Fleece and knit.  Maybe scarves too.  Maybe mittens for the boys.
-new pocketbook for me (a CraftApple pattern I got for Christmas). I have material, but haven't started sewing it.
-I also bought some nice flannel with bicycles today to make PJ pants for me and the girls.
-Oh, and  I bought some felt to try to make a valentines project like this one.

3.  I finished these and I don't think they made it to the blog yet.
-A new hat for me.
-That crazy rainbow hat for El.
-A fat-quarter quilt for my new baby cousin.  La started this and I finished it.

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