Monday, April 25, 2011

Growing stuff worked...

Look:  Stuff Sprouted!
1.  Pumpkins from the two Halloween pumpkins.
Baby Pumpkin Plants
2.  Lettuce from the seeds from the store.
lettuce sprouts
3.  Pumpkins from the seeds from the store.
Pumpkin Sprouts
Last weekend we transplanted these guys into bigger containers and have them near the front door.  The lettuce isn't doing as well, but the pumpkins are really holding up.  :) 

I think we have one tangerine plant trying to do a good job, and we moved the Abby Cadabby pumpkins in to the house to sprout in the jiffy greenhouse things. 

Here's what it looked like when we did the transplant.  Sorry for the bizarre angles.
1.  Pumpkins
Pumpkin Sprouts!
2.  Lettuce.
Lettuce Sprouts!
3.  Group Picture. 

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