Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A whole bucket of random

1.  iPods.  I wanted to listen to a specific song on my iPod this morning, so started it with that song (it happened to start with the word "All", and then listened from that song, alphabetically.  This is something that I do not normally do.  Here are my observations:
  • There is a wide variety of music that starts with the letter A.  Talking Heads (And She Was), Handel's Messiah (And Suddenly), the Beatles (All You Need is Love), Smash Mouth (All Star), They Might Be Giants (Ana Ng). 
  • How many versions of Ana Ng do I really need?  I do like the second one I heard better, but still.  How many?
  • I was surprised to hear a song that I had never heard of on my iPod.  It must be from an album that I loaded for my daughter.  But still.  Never heard of it, never heard it before.

2.  We started a bathroom remodel.  Our master bath has a shower stall, and the faucet/valve/handle/on-off switch (what is the technical term?  It's a mixing valve handle that you pull to turn the water on and dial to change the temperature.)  Well, it has been leaking water as you run the shower.   Quite a bit.  Monday, DH took it apart to see what was going on.  Now, on Wednesday, the shower walls are gone, Visqueen is up, and there's kind of a sketchy plan. 
  • So, when you find yourself looking at how your shower is put together, from the inside, (not because you were really curious, but because you have to), you could find yourself with any and all of the following reactions:
  • No Wonder.
  • WTF
  • Now, there's your problem.
  • Is that load bearing?
  • The good thing is that now we will have some decisions made for us (like when (e.g. asap), and how fancy (e.g. not very - budget is small). 
  • Oh, and this is when it's nice to be married to an architect.
  • And the other good thing?  It will hopefully be a while before we have to think about doing this again.  We've known that this was on the list for the 10 years that we've lived here. 

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