Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Study In Helix Knitting

I've seen helix stripes in a few places.  The first was Kathy's Helix Striped Socks. More recently I saw Jessica's helix striped hats

So, after finishing the wrap and not feeling the need to start a big knitting project.  I finished the mittens for me.  Making good time on the socks I was working on....I cast on for some hats. 

See this one?
gray hat 
That's all gray?  It had a band of helix stripes in the middle, but I ripped it out (I voted for it, then against it).  It was interesting, but I had wonkiness issues at the color changes and then didn't have a lot of confidence that it would stay put together - the yarns were all acrylic and slippery. 

Next I made a random cable hat.
Cable Hat
This one has math errors.  If your pattern calls for, like an ABAB type of thing, you should have an even number of repeats, otherwise it doesn't work.  If it is abABabAB, then your number of repeats should be divisible by 4 (if ab==AB, except for the cable placement).  Also, a lot of cables makes your hat much less stretchy, so make sure it's the size you want it to be, without needing stretch.

Finally, I made this helix striped Thorpe
It was fun to make.  I ended up making the largest size.  Hats do not look that big when you're going top-down.  This is wool from La's 3 year old sweater and some brown that was many things, including cowl mustaches.  The crochet edge (added after the photo) is very much homemade looking. 

The cable hat and the Thorpe are both going to the Afghans for Afghans youth campaign for next winter.  Need to find a place for the gray one.

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