Thursday, May 24, 2012

A moment of real life.

This has been such a week.

We got to do something fun this weekend.  El helped a friend out with her blog.  :)  She had a play-date with one of her friends - who she's been friends with since they were in the baby room together.  They tried out a new-to-them doll.  It was a great combination of something between a baby doll (baby doll sized and shaped) but with older girl features (good hair, clothes and accessories).  They had a lot of fun seeing each other and playing with the babies.  I brought La with me also - she and the friend's little brother played some kind of imaginary pirate attack/chase game that was pretty funny to watch.  La has a lot of baby sitting potential in a few years.  Not only did El really like the baby, but La picked up to try it out - and she doesn't play with baby-baby dolls anymore, but she does play with "darbies" as we call them here. 

The girls were both really impressed with Rylie's dog, Chloe.  And she was very sweet - she was good with little fingers petting her and liked to play catch. 

We've been watching our dog Tiger start to seriously decline pretty quickly.  We had a moment about a week and a half ago where we thought it was "time", but the vet gave him some antibiotics and anti-inflammatories and he seemed to be perkier for a few days.  He was able to get through the dog door again and spend some time laying in the back yard, being lord of all he surveys.  We said good-bye to our dog Tiger yesterday after about 13 nice years with him. 

Sunday Monring

We got Tiger when the monkey was 5.  La was born when he (the monkey) was turning 9 and El was born when he was turning 14.  The girls have always had a dog.  After meeting Chloe, the girls are requesting a golden retriever for next time, and I think they've worked out a system where one girl gets to pick out the dog and the other one gets to name him. 

Here's something good.  When we went to the grocery store this weekend, I had to bring both girls.  We got one of the bench-wagons and things were going sort of OK.  They weren't antagonizing each-other too much.  They were asking for a lot of things we didn't need.  I didn't have to use middle names too much.  The candy row is the same as the magazine row.  I didn't have quarters for the candy samples, but I let them each pick a magazine.  La got some tween gossip thing (reading is reading) and El got something called "Sparkle World" a little advertise-y, but fun.  I swear to you they looked through the magazines for the whole rest of the store and were super well behaved.  $10 well spent.

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