Saturday, August 18, 2012

Barbie and Ken in Yellowstone

I showed this Barbie and Ken wedding to my 9 year old daughter (La).  And this adventure of a Lego Ninjago guy.  Now she's taking a series of photos with Ken and Barbie's adventures.

First, they went to prom.
AEN iPod 320 AEN iPod 319

AEN iPod 325

AEN iPod 324 AEN iPod 323

Then, a trip to Yellowstone.

IMG_0563 IMG_0564IMG_0614
IMG_0647 IMG_0648

There are probably a few more pictures on her touch still.  The things that I think are neat about this is (a)other grownup's reactions - Everyone she's shown this to thought it was really cool.  When she took the boardwalk pictures, she got some good chuckles from the grownups nearby (we had glommed on to a ranger talk), and my sister thought it was so neat that at one point I had to remind her that it wasn't her project.
(b)I am really impressed at how her photos are improving over time.  She's taking a lot of time to stage the photos and get them the way she wants them to be.


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