Saturday, September 15, 2012

Quilts ++;

I made a "Plus" quilt for La.  I have squares cut for El's quilt.  They are 5" squares cut from free-to-me fat quarters that I've had since I was expecting La and leftovers from various projects for the girls.  i.e. the grocery bags that they use to bring their soccer gear, pajama pants, fat quarters that they picked out at the fabric store.   Frankly, still have plenty of that same set of material to make more quilts.

 Plus Quilt plus quilt for La
We're going to a birthday meet-up tomorrow for a young friend who is turning 2 or 3and requested no presents.  (A)Sometimes I have trouble following directions and (B)this was free so it doesn't count.  While making the doll quilt, I decided that the 5" square makes a great module size and I should cut out more 5" squares of leftover fabric and make all sorts of Project Linus quilts with them.  This may be putting the cart before the horse a little bit.....
doll quilt for Alexandria

My other findings are...I was stuck on a bunch of things (work, scouts, family, etc.).  It felt really good to work through something and figure it out.  It's a pretty open ended problem with more many possible right answers as a finished product, but the tricky part was having to figure out how the pluses fit together before sewing them.  Also, I was pleased that most of the corners matched up right.  I think that even if my sewing is not super precise, I'm figuring out what is the important thing to line up to make it look right in the end.

I am both pleased and somewhat mortified that I am able to sew two small twin size quilts (plus their backs) from stash.  I may have to pick up some batting, but otherwise the quilts are "free".

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