Tuesday, January 08, 2013

10 on Tuesday: 10 goals for 2013

Ten seems like a lot.  Also, this is not the sort of thing that I normally post here.  But here it is:

1.  I decided to do the #26RAOK.  They may or may not be blogged.  In my mind, RAOK is like church or voting or salaries - it is between you and whoever else is on the other side and does not need to be overly discussed/bragged about.  It is sometimes hard to resist, though.  I set it up as a every two week appointment on my calendar (which, living in a "Do a Good Turn Daily" culture seems pretty infrequent and is a strange thing to schedule.)

2.  I'd like to craft for charity more.  There are always a lot of opportunities, but I'd like to make it a more regular thing.  I need to think about a plan to do this and what "regular" really means, but it's something I've been mulling over for a few years now.

3.  I'm planning to use stash for a lot.  I've kind of started this sometime last year and it will be continuing for a while.  Why have a stash if you are not planning to use it?  I really need to figure out what to do with sock yarn odds and ends that I have left. 

I have a lot of around the house projects going on.  Most of it dealing with the underlying concept of making the house someplace nice to be.

4.  Make the backyard a nice place to be.  We have a nice sized back yard and a nice little porch.  However, the porch has been filled up with stuff.  Eventually, I'd like to have gardening work spaces and eating/lounging spaces and a fire bowl.  Some of the projects will involve using old bathroom fixtures.  We have plants in an old toilet.  We have a tub that I'm thinking about how to turn into a bench/chest.  And I think I saw a bathroom sink in the garage that I'd like to turn into a dry sink potting table.  I'd like to have all of this mostly done by May.

5.  There are various troublespots that I'd like to attack in the house, too. (e.g. in front of the fire place, near the front door, my dresser, etc.)  I think for this, I just need to attack it a little bit at a time on a regular basis.  (How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.)

6.  I need to work in a bathroom remodel, probably on a shoestring budget.  Ikea is my friend.  I am starting to figure out what I want and tile is the first (next) thing to pick.

Dude.  I'm at 7.  Wow.

7.  Take care of myself.  This is one of those large, all encompassing goals.  You know the nebulous kind.  It could be things like drink more water or go to bed at a decent hour.  Or it could be things like knowing when to say when for volunteer work.  Or living a little more intentionally or with more moderation. 

I think I'll stop here - this is more goals than I've made in a long time.  :-)


Donna said...

Number 7 is a big one and it's on my list too. We have a tendency to neglect ourselves as women I think. I'm also trying to do more crafting for charity too.

Beverly said...

The "how do you eat an elephant" quote is so important to me. It's too easy to get overwhelmed, otherwise!

kathy b said...

THe yard can be such a haven or such a monster to tame eh?
We are still taming ours after 30 years....yikes...