Sunday, January 06, 2013

Plus Quilts - Finished

Or.  What I did on my mandatory year end break.  :-)

Apparently, I started these in September, but I got them finished yesterday.

I'm always stunned by how similar and how different the two girls are.  One quilt definitely reads blue and the other one pink.  La picked a binding that blends in with the quilt, El picked one that stands out.  And the backing fabric for El's, really gave me pause (hot pink leopard print?), but when I looked at it in the context of the quilt front, it is fine.

I got them quilted and bound since Christmas.  I got more free-motion quilt practice with big loopy cursive lower case e's.  Not many tucks and the quilt stayed mostly true.

The girls are really happy with them.

La (age 10):
Plus Quilt for La
Plus Quilt Back (La)

El (age 5):
Plus Quilt for El
Plus Quilt Back (El)

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