Monday, February 04, 2013

The new quilt (Pseudorandom)

I had a good sewing weekend.  I got one quilt quilted and the binding picked out.  Need to iron the binding, bind the quilt, and tack down the back.  Hopefully, will be ready for Project Linus pretty soon.

I also, cut out and pieced a quilt.  It'll also go to Project Linus.  I've been picking up animal prints at my favorite LQS.  I ended up with a bunch from Urban Zoologie and some others.  I started picking them up a long time ago, and then when I hit the New Years Day sale, I found some more UZ, plus some from other lines.  All in all, I had 10 prints, and I still wasn't sure what to do with them.  When I was lining them up to see how many there were and how they looked together, I happened to have the FQs folded into quarters and decided that they looked great like that.  Still thinking about it as a 4-patch, I cut all 10 into 9x11 rectangles. 

When I was starting to line up the rectangles into 2x2 quilt squares, I realized that was not necessary.  I went with rows of 5, and divided them up into set A of 5 prints and set B of 5 prints.  To "randomize" them, the first row, I moved the prints down and to the right, the even rows moved down and to the left.   To see it more easily, track the frog print or the green-backed turtle print for set A and the navy blue duck print for set B. 

I pieced rows at a time (chain piecing, so I ended up with 2 rows done at about the same time), then sewed a row A to row B, ending up with three 2-row sets.  I sewed the middle set to the bottom set, then the top set to the rest.

I really like how this quilt turned out - the corners lined up pretty well throughout, it's a nice size, and I think that the prints work pretty well together.  Now to figure out the back - I still have one rectangle of each print, so look for a pieced back.

  Animal Quilt Top

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