Monday, January 28, 2013

Cardigan Sweater for a small Chihuahua

I made this sweater for Lila, a small chihuahua.  Hoping I get a picture of the dog in it, because these photos are sort of sad, and not in an artsy way.
This is the view from the top.
Pink Dog Sweater for Lila
This is the under-belly.  It is not seedy.  (hee)
Underbelly of the pink dog sweater.

Here's how I did it.  Bear in mind that (a) there has been no technical editing and (b)the dog hasn't tried it on yet.

This was knit for a 3-4 lb Chihuahua.  For other dogs, please scale up with actual measurements from the dog.

CO 20 stitches, K 1 row. 
For the next 10 rows, K2 YO K to end.  (30 stitches, garter stitch)

Switch to stockinette: 
WS:  K2 YO Purl to last 2, K2. 
RS:  K2 YO K to end.
Do these two until there are 40 stitches.

No increases, but keep the edges. 
WS: K2 YO purl to the last 4, P2tog, K2
RS:  K2 YO k to the last 4, K2tog, K2
Do this until piece measures about 5" (or until you get to between the dog's armpits and waist. )

At the end of a RS row, CO 10 stitches (or enough to make a belt/waistband). 
Join in the round or not (could add a button/button hole for this). 

What I did was, while knitting in the round: 
over the 10 CO stitches, I knit K2P2 rib and stockinette around the rest, for about 4 rounds, then plain stockinette for about 4 rounds, then back to the K2P2 rib around the belly section, stockinette around the rest for 4 rounds.  Then cast off the 10 stitches and go back to back and forth stitches.

Another option would be to knit flat and use a button:  Cast on enough stitches to go around the belly and a button hole.
Knit the underbelly part in garter stitch and knit a buttonhole into it, maintaining the 2 stitch garter border on the non-cast on side. 

Decrease rows: 
RS:  K2 K2tog K to end. 
WS:  K2 K2tog, purl to last 2, k2
Do these until you get down to 30 stitches.

Neck strap:
At the end of a row, CO 20 stitches (or long enough for your dog).
Knit in garter stitch 3 rows (or in the right proportion for your dog)
Button holes:  
Starting from the last cast on stitch, K5, K2tog YO, K3 K2tog YO, K3 K2tog YO, K to end.
Knit in garter stitch 2 rows
Cast off. 

Weave in ends and then sew button(s) on where needed.  (I tried to do it in the other order and accidentally sewed through the yarn tail, making it so I had to do it twice.)

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