Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Yay! Linus Quilt Done!

So, we're in week three of the Cookie Sale (you know, the part of it where there are actual cookies.  It seems like the sale lasts most of the spring term.)  So there's not much large scale crafting going on here.  But.  I did get something finished.  I first blogged this in April 2012 and started it well before that - it only adds to my happiness that this is done.

Linus Quilt - ready

I'm pretty happy about this.  Part of it is happy to have it finished.  Part of it is that I'm happy that it came out kind of OK.  Like, it's not what I set out to make, but I think it's reasonably presentable and definitely functional.  I had the architect help pick out the binding fabric and I think it works OK.  It's a little more energetic than I would have picked, but that's OK.  The thing that I like about the binding is that it doesn't mush in with any of the quilt colors.  It's a (probably out of print) Michael Miller number print.  I like the meta aspect of the number binding and this backing fabric.

Linus Quilt -back

The rocket print was a Joann's clearance find.  I bought kind of a lot of it because I was sure I could use it for something at some point.  I still have some left.  :)

I got this dropped off at the Sewing Studio for Project Linus and while I was there I picked out binding and backing fabric for the animal print quilt.  It will be fabulous.  Now I just have to get rid of the cookies so I have some space to baste the quilt.

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