Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ten on Tuesday: 10 reasons I'm ready for winter to be over

Writing this from central Florida seems kind of disengenuous.  But why not.

1.  The girls are ready for the big, outside pool at the Y to be open.  The very large one.  If anyone is using the fishy mask (e.g. nebulizer), I am loathe to take them even to the inside pool at the Y. 

2.  I am ready for more rain.  The pattern in summer (when the weather is working right) is a 15 minute storm at about 3:00 nearly every day.  This is enough water to not have to use sprinklers. 

3.  I am ready for cookies to be over.  It is basically part of the brainshare from training in mid-December to early March, when the final paperwork is due.

4.  It's nice to be past the severe weather.  Sure, there's hurricane season from June through November.  But those you can track pretty well.  I don't like tornados and hail storms that always seem to crop up during the transitions (either summer to winter or winter to summer)

5.  I will not have to nag anyone to wear long pants or a sweater.  (see.  first weather problems.  there's not much in the way of natural consequences for wearing shorts most days around here.)

6.  Everyone's yard starts to look a lot better, including ours.  (see the one about rain)

7.  I like a lot that it starts to be light out for longer.  This means we can go back to playing frisbee before Girl Scouts or have some evening light in the driveway after work.

8.  Dining.  Al Fresco.

9.  The bright green leaves.  We never had them where I lived as a kid.  We're in the bright green phase right now, actually.

10.  Turning off the heat, opening the windows.  Spring and fall are the cheap times of the year here. And it's more expensive to run the heat (electric heat pump) than the central a/c.

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