Thursday, April 04, 2013

Quilt and socks.

These are the things I've been working on.

1.  A donate quilt.  So, this was supposed to be a "baby quilt" with the chevrons against the gray.  Sooty gray is not a baby color.  And there weren't enough of the chevrons.  So I found a charm pack of some Denyse Schmidt prints and made more blocks like that.  Still not enough and gave the quilt kind of a grellowy tone.  Grellow is not a baby color either.  I had sewn the blocks into strips before realizing (A) the pattern I'd sewn them into wasn't going to work and (B)this is clearly an older kid quilt and (C)for that to work we needed to add more fabric.  So I have a charm pack of batiks that I'm going to add to it.  I have more gray squares cut.  I just need time to sew.

gray checkers

2.  I was thinking about buying more sock yarn.  I still am.  But I delved into the stash and found some to knit.  See, it wasn't that I was out, just that none of it screamed, "Hey!  I'm next!"  This pink is leftover from socks I knit for El.  And she never wore.  I went with toe up and winged a crazy heel.  It's a pretty goofy looking sock an I didn't take notes so I'm not sure how the 2nd one is going to come out.  Also, I got to the part where I ran out of yarn from the first ball and I'm not sure what to do next.  I'm thinking about putting in a lifeline and starting the 2nd sock.

Pink Monster Sock

3.  Super stash!  To the rescue!  This is some Cascade Sassy Stripes that I just had to have and then as soon as I got it didn't know why I bought it.  I'm calling the colorway, "the last few sheets of construction paper."  that wide sripe in the middle is orange, not yellow.  Like orange like fruit.  It is actually pretty nice yarn to knit with. 

Sassy Stripes Socks

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