Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Ten on Tuesday: 10 things I always bring on vacation

1.  Children's Tylenol.  Because someone always gets sick or hurt or something.  I'd so rather have it and not need it than have to find it.  I think the last time we didn't have it, La got a concussion by falling down the steps at the dolphin show at Mystic Seaport.

2.  A camera.  Just a regular "point and shoot" 10 or 12 megapixel. 


3.  A laptop.  Even to Yellowstone where there is no internet.  I used it to download pictures from my camera at the end of the day.  Even on an Alaska cruise where there is only expensive internet.  Because the husband had a work assignment to finish and send off at an internet cafe in Ketchican (or similar).  Or because even though you're on mandatory year end break, you have defects in your queue that need to get fixed.


4.  A hat.  A knit one for winter/cold trips (Alaska in June is like winter in Orlando) or a shady one for warm/sunny trips.

5.  Something to knit.  Usually something "easy" - where I can knit it and either navigate/be the designated texter/negotiate backseat disagreements.

6.  Something to read.  Either magazines or a book. 

7.  Games to play while waiting.  Sometimes we play an analog version of "draw something" where one person sketches some random thing (on paper) and the other person guesses it.  But it's nice to have a deck of cards in case you find yourself in an airport terminal for a while.

8.  My family.  They are what make it interesting.

9.  Tylenol for me.  It is purely a coincidence that this is listed right under "my family."  I swear.

10.  Good walking shoes. 


kathy b said...

Great list!!! Sorry about the Trip at the show but that sounds typical for my family too.
Son had a trip in Wisconisn that gave him a goose egg forehead for a week.....
one child BIT yes bit the other on vacation once, and that warranted antibiotics....
they were toddlers.. what can I say?

Teri said...

I can't believe I left out "hat" on my own list. We never go anywhere without hats and jackets--just in case.

Donna said...

Good walking shoes are SO important. Blisters stink!

Leslie said...

After reading everyone's list, my list has grown