Thursday, April 11, 2013

Snippets from Real Life

1.  Tuesday morning was eventful (and this was all before 8:30):
  • El (and I) forgot to bring her tag blankey Tag Blankieto school [she is 5 and in pre-k and still brings it everywhere, just about].  Talked to her teachers about it and they were up for the challenge of helping her through the day.
  • I realized the only place I get "carded" is the front office of my daughter's elementary school - when I'm helping her carry in snacks for FCAT testing next week.
  • Walking back through the activity center on the way out through the front office, the K through 2nd grade were doing "morning exercises" (some sort of video game on aerobics mode) to the Katy Perry song Firework.  Turning the corner and passing through a hallway filled with "special" projects hanging on the wall was a little bit too much - like a Hallmark commercial on steroids.
2.  We've been talking about where to go on vacation next year - our pattern is working out to be every few years, go on a big trip.  We've been to San Francisco (do not recommend the flight from Orlando to Oakland with a 15 month old "lap baby", Alaska, Denver, Yellowstone and a few trips to see my parents thrown in. These have all worked in as "family vacations" in that we've met various pieces and parts of families at these destinations.  I was leaning toward a spring break trip to Washington, DC, to see the cherry blossoms + the non-fiction stuff.  The girls saw a Disney channel ad where the stars were bopping around Disneyland, riding the Matterhorn, etc, and remembered that Disneyland was on our list too.  Their comment to me was:  Why would anyone want to go to Washington, DC? 

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