Monday, July 01, 2013

Too Many Geraniums?

No such thing.

However, each dress is not without its own set of unique challenges.  This one faced the imgainary stash.  When I started Friday night, I was sure that this 1/4 yard cut of a Kaffee Fassett print was plenty for the bodice.  And that I had tons of lightweight denim left over from El's last dress.  No.  I barely got one version of the bodice out of the print.  There might have been enough fabric for the skirt front but not the back too.  Each thing I tried was either just not right or not enough. 

Early Saturday morning, I remembered that I had more fabric on the dining room table.  (don't ask.  I know that's not where it belongs.  I was planning to make shirts for myself this summer.  But that impulse has passed.)   I really like this big floral print - it must be a mix of 70s sheets and Kaffee Fassett.  One of my design consultants said it would work OK and that I could do the whole dress out of the one material. 

Geranium Dress

I was able to use one of the bodices that I cut out earlier for the lining.  I really like this chicken fabric.  I have no idea why.  It's leftovers from PJ pants for El.  I saw this dress in the Geranium Flickr group and LOVED it.

Geranium Dress Lining

When it came time to pick buttons, I over-ruled all design consultants and went with the bunny buttons.  Even though they really don't go. 

Bunny Buttons

Next up?  I have an idea of how to use this pattern to make a fancy princess dress.  It will (hopefully) be fab.

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