Sunday, January 12, 2014

Annie's Mittens for El: A quick knit

El realized that she didn't have mittens.  Not long after, she decided that she needed some.  This turned out to be a three day knit - and a chance to use leftover sock yarn.
Mittens for El

Here are the deets:
Pattern:  Annie's Mittens (ravelry)
Yarns (from bottom to top):
1. Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock lightweight in blue moonstone
2.  Fly Designs Flying Sock in Greenlake
3.  Ruby Sapphire Yarns Treadsock (not sure what the name was).

The pattern is knit with two yarns held together - I used a size 4 needle, but the pattern calls for a 5.  I knit it in the size S for a petite 6 year old.

The combos seen here are:
A.  Cuff:  1+3
B.  Hand 1+2
C.  Thumb 2+3

I like the thumb the best - so when I knit this again, I'll go with two yarns of similar value held together.  El's favorites are the cuffs and the thumbs (the rainbow yarn).  I learned how to do an afterthought thumb, and when I try this again I'll figure out the adding and dropping of the different main color and contrast color yarns.  I am fairly certain that I didn't do it the right way in these.

Next for El:  a scarf.

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