Saturday, January 04, 2014

The next quilt. A redo.

So, when last we spoke about this quilt, it looked like this.  And I was not completely happy with it, although, looking back at it, it seems not so bad.  So, I took it apart, down to the 4-square block (two prints + 2 gray). 

quilt.  before unsewing

I was planning to cut out light pink squares to alternate with each of the blocks, but there was something about it that I didn't really like.  So I tried this out.

next idea for the trouble quilt

Still not good.  But I liked how the lighter prints worked so I tried this one.

checkered with beige.

And we had a winner!  So I cut out a bunch of "low volume" and beige squares to go with it and had a thought in the middle of the night.  What about an arrangement like this....

the idea I had in the middle of the night

I like this a lot.  Now.... to sew.

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