Monday, May 26, 2014

Soccer Knitting

It has been the usual kind of crazy - end of school festivities - the small ensemble concerts, the big production spring concerts, soccer, scouts (camping, bridging, working on the Bronze Award), figuring out camps and where people will be over the summer.   After finishing the green scarf and ruining the slippers, I needed two new projects.  I started the Graphic Kerchief and will have to photograph that.  Once the rows got too long, it was no longer my to-go knitting.  I needed something simple.  I was feeling scarfy still, but most of the patterns I was looking at were complicated.  There was no particular yarn I felt like using, so leftover sock yarn had a lot of potential.  I started the Favorite Scarf Ever pattern with leftover Socks That Rock.  My initial thinking was that I would use up this yarn, then just switch to another when I ran out.  Also, not planning to follow the pattern directions and knit two half scarves and then sew them together.

1.  STR Thistle (which is the yarn that I cast on for socks for myself while in the hospital when El was born.)
 chevron scarf

2.  I realized later that I seem to have a purple chevron thing going on right now.  This is a project that has been underway for a year.  Also purple and green chevrons.  But complicated enough (two different saw-toothed edges and the chevron increases on one side and is kind of on the bias.)  If I were able to knit it at soccer it would be done by now.

a different chevron scarf

3.  I decided to switch to stripes of this leftover crazyball (pink and green) and leftovers from the sweater I made for my cousin K., who, I believe is 3 now.    Still, purple and green chevrons for now.  But at least it is knittable in real life.  Reminds me also of those 2 row striped feather and fan scarves that were all over the place a few years ago.

chevron scarf

4.  Here is what it looks like now.  The green is transitioning to white and then pink.  It is fun to knit and not too tricky.

chevron scarf progress

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