Tuesday, July 08, 2014

I had this idea....

This quilt top, which I made in 2008 is just attached to a queen sheet, in the style of pillowcase binding, without quilting or tying.  It is great for the summer, where you need something just a little more than a sheet, but less than a blanket.  However, after 6 summers of use, it has some places where it is kind of falling apart.
I had an idea, though.  What if you foundation pieced the quilt onto the sheet?  Then there would not be as much stress on the patchwork, because it would almost be like "quilt as you go".

I bought a slightly fancy queen flat sheet at one of those stores where they sell stuff that is discontinued.  You know the ones.  I was thinking about it like English paper piecing, but I decided to do it in rows across the quilt.  Then each next row will overlap and finish the row before it, like house siding.  At the end, I will put some kind of binding on the sides and bottom.  I'm going with a pink-orange-yellow color scheme, with brown to anchor it.

First, I thought some kind of improv piecing would be fun and cool and looks so easy when other people do it.  I decided after one row of it, that all the going back to the cutting mat to true it up was a pain.  Also, that the color palette of my stash wasn't exactly what I had in mind.  So, I bought a bunch of half yard cuts online and sliced and diced them into 18" strips of varying widths.  (The prints are mostly 2.5" wide, the solids are more variable.)

Now I have this:

Right now, the bottom edge of the second row is safety-pin basted to the sheet, I need to sew it down.

Then I will sew the next row  to it, right sides together, turn it right side out, topstitch where it was attached, and then sew down the bottom of the strip.

Here it is with the next row mocked up.

And here it is a little closer up.  It is a little wonky, but I like it.

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