Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Live, 10 things from India

I'm on travel this week in India.  Here are some notes that haven't made it in to my own personal FB updates.

1.  I say everyone's name just a little bit wrong.  I mention someone in conversation and I see my co-worker repeat what I said in their head and then say it out loud correctly.

2.  I'm not as good of a traveler/adapter as my kids are.  If they were here, I'd be adjusted to the 9 1/2 hour time change already.  I'm sure of it.

3.  The thing that I'm so glad I brought is my iPod.  It feels so good to have "my music" with me.

4.  The U2 album All that You Can't Leave Behind really stands the test of time, in my opinion.

5.  I'm thankful now that my mom was never afraid to talk to strangers, even though I was so mortified when she did it.  I flew out by myself and knowing that I could probably ask a question and get some help has been so helpful.

6.  In trying to stay in touch with my family at home, it gives me a greater understanding of what my work peeps go through to stay in sync with the rest of the team that is located in the US.  I'm really impressed.

7.  I totally sent pictures of the hotel bathroom to "my architect".

8.  Reading Hiaasen while on travel (if you're from Florida) can make you a little more homesick, even if the book is excellent.

9.  I'm trying to digest a lot of stuff while I'm here - the "haves and the have nots" are on a scale I'm not used to seeing.

10.  The ingenuity and make-do/can do/why not attitudes I'm seeing are something to behold, especially coupled with not waiting for permission, your turn, someone to let you in, etc.  

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