Sunday, September 28, 2014

More ideas for Girl Scout awards

I posted my first set of ideas here.  3 years ago!  Wow!  So, since then, I've also found the flickr account for our cookie bakery here.  They have some cliparty things (hearts, stars, flowers, peace signs, etc.) that work well if you download, print a bunch on card stock, cut out loosely around the shapes, add some accent coloring and then basically attach them to ribbon and then add the awards to the ribbon.

Last spring, at the bridging ceremony, the girls seemed like they were getting kind of old to be having stuff pinned to their shirts.  But, still have the old problem of making it in to a ceremony/big deal and not having the girls lose their awards before they got home.  We were doing awards again - the bridging awards that were back-ordered, the early bird registration patches and their bronze awards.

Here's what I did:


  • large card stock stars (they also had a few other shapes)
  • washi tape
  • long lollypop sticks
  • ribbon
  • awards
  • stapler with staples
  • 1 bottle/vase

Use the washi tape to tape the stick to the back of the paper shape.  Write the reciever's name on the back and any notations.  The star means "bronze award".  Staple the awards to the front.  Tie ribbons in contrast colors to the stick.  Put the award wands into the bottle or vase while they are waiting to be awarded.  

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