Thursday, September 18, 2014

the other thing I'm knitting

I thought (because I am completely delusional sometimes) that I would knit Nori from Knitty.  I might have gotten through one repeat when I realized that (a) it is very challenging and (b) the yarn was so dark that it was hard to read the stitches in the best of times.

So, I did the sensible thing and started something new with the same yarn.  Terribly Simple really is super simple.

The rows are really pretty long at this point, and it's become a bit of a slog.  But I like it again (we were on a break while I knit most of my sweater.)  This photo captures the color best of the ones that I took.  My older daughter and I were goofing around with my point and shoot camera and I found some menu choices I didn't know it had (It has filters built in!)

La took this photo - I think it turned out really neat.

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