Saturday, October 18, 2014

New Socks!

After I finished my most recent pair of socks, which I photographed in January, I just haven't felt like making socks.  I've been wearing sneakers to work, not shoes that accommodate knit socks.  I just didn't feel compelled to make socks or even wear the socks I had already made.

All of a sudden the weather turned and October kicked in and I felt like making socks.  It was like magic.  So, I wound up some Cascade Heritage Quatro and started the Sunday Swing Socks that I've been looking at for so long.

They are working up pretty fast - I even went for the three repeats on the leg.  I did one repeat of the pattern across from the gusset and now, the home stretch of stockinette.

As I've been knitting it, I have been not that impressed with how the eyelets look as you knit them, but when you try the socks on, it looks like the picture.  So, these are socks that take faith.  

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