Sunday, November 02, 2014

enhancements with the potential for feature creep

El has been wearing a series of hand me down dresses that she loves.  They are cotton (t-shirt material), long enough to wear shorts under them, somewhat twirly and not overly pink.  We are thankful to our neighbors for their delightful hand-me-downs.  Recently I did some online shopping to supplement her set of pretty dresses and found a one that fit all of the criteria (plus it was pretty cheap).  It was good, except it was plain.  So, I hit the big box fabric and craft store for some appliques and found some ribbon in the stash.  Today I unearthed the sewing machine and this happened:

first the ribbon -
embellishing a plain dress.

Then the applique flowers -  (the whole package, natch.)
pretty flowers

Here's the whole bodice.  The original plan had dragonfly appliques too.  That's where the potential feature creep comes in.  I felt like we needed to edit.

And here's the whole thing all together.  Yay - she still likes it.  That is the moment of triumph.
embellished dress - the whole thing

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Lisa Ikegami said...

Love it!!