Wednesday, January 07, 2015

A quick hat - sometimes I just want to see if it works

I made another hat from my friend Cambria Washington's Missionary Hat pattern.  Again, I probably didn't follow it to the letter.  It's on 80 stitches and has 4x4 rib at the start.

I had the turquoise and yellow-green kicking around near each other and every time I saw them together I liked how they looked - and thought they'd make great stripes.  I think, actually, their values are too close for the transition bands and they would actually work better as stripes.  Then I needed a third color and got some opinions.  The architects in the room all picked orange.  I went ahead and tried it because undo would not be too difficult.  I like how it turned out.

Do you ever notice how your environment influences your color choices?  The blue and green match my daughter's sneakers almost exactly.  The three colors together are very citrusy, and hence, you see them here together a lot.

Missionary hat

Here are the details:
Yarn:  Ella Rae Superwash (blue) and Cascade 220 Superwash (quatro and regular)
Needles:  Size 7.
Pattern:  The Missionary Hat
Mods:  CO 80, knit 4x4 ribbing
For:  charity stash

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Lisa Ikegami said...

This is SO GORGEOUS. I love the orange. Another architect I guess...;)