Monday, January 05, 2015

Holiday Sewing - Onstage Tutu Skirt

I didn't do much holiday sewing this year.  In fact, this is the only holiday sewing I did.

Onstage Tutu

We have a 5 year old friend who is always in princess dresses.  I think most people my age have a kid who lives in costume in their lives.

The other side of the story is that I follow Liesel Gibson on Pinterest.  I started to see "styling ideas" for this skirt.  The free pattern is here - the Onstage Tutu.  The pattern is clever and simple (as simple as it needs to be and no more), just like all of her patterns.

A match made in heaven, right?  Princess Dress Girl + Onstage Tutu Pattern.

The skirt itself is kind of a voile or really thin/fine cotton.  I was afraid only one layer would be too sheer and not really have enough body, so I doubled it, by basically making a really long hem.  I think that if there is a place where it might fray and fall apart it is at the waistband-hem.

Onstage Tutu

The other issue I ran into that made it kind of tricky was that the - wait two issues - one is that the sheer fabric was about the same width (or narrower) than the skirt layer, so the gathering was not really a thing.  The second issue was that it was not tulle or lace.  It was more of a chiffon that needed a hem to keep from fraying.  I think I cut it with pinking shears and just turned it up once, but I don't really remember for sure.

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