Sunday, April 24, 2005

My Goodness! More Stash Enhancement! When will it end?

We went to Michael's yesterday. I got two balls of sock yarn (how much yarn does it take to make socks, anyway?) Moda Dea Sassy Stripes in the Crush colorway (Pinks, Reds, Grey, and White) and some worsted acrylic - TLC Essentials in the Blue Jean colorway (denim blue, light blue, and purple). Both were on clearance. I wanted to try making socks, but I didn't want to invest $15 + needles into it, and I figure that I can use the other on hats and scarves for charity.

I was really looking for stitch markers. They didn't have any in the knitting section, and in the jewelry section the largest jump rings they had were 10mm, which didn't look big enough (well, for like socks they would be, but...) So I bought a bag of buttons, threaded some red yarn through them, and made some unique stitch markers. This way I figure that I'll be able to remember what they stand for, instead of having a bunch of white stitch markers.

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