Sunday, May 15, 2005

I felted!

I felted the FMB! It's way cool! So fuzzy. The stitches are still kind of evident in the pink, but it's amazing how much thicker the fabric of it is. So, once I did that, I was all excited about the project again and started one in FSU's gold and garnet for my little sister.

I started a lot this weekend - also started Tie One On in some beautiful purple silk/wool blend that was an impulse buy from the sale bin at my LYS. Filatura di Crosa Empire. Like butter! For the two-strand part it's a dark purple and light purple held together, and it reminds me of pansys.

I "finished" a dulaan hat. Unfortunately, it's too small for my 2 year old, so it didn't work out. There's something to be said for knitting an "in the round" swatch and trying it on different peoples to get an idea of who it'll fit. I guess if you're not going with a "scientific" pattern that already worked out the stitches/inch math and all that, then doing a swatch would probably help ensure success. Lessons learned.

Got some more knit on the toddler sweater that I'm doing for Dulaan too. The yarn is soooo pretty. Still on the back, though. The stockinette is slow going, don't know why.

Oh, and I had an expensive lunch on Friday. I decided that I wanted to have a knitting project on hand at work, just in case, so I went to Michael's for lunch. The food portion of my lunch was only $2.12 (a whopper junior and small diet coke). I picked up some pretty blue chenille yarn and big number circs. Turns out that the chenille isn't washable, so instead of a scrumptious baby blanket for Project Linus, I'm going to try another simple looking sweater for Dulaan. We'll see how it goes. I just didn't want to get the Homespun, I don't know why. Oh, cause it's a little splitty and persnickety to work with, although there were some very nice colors.

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