Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Still moving along...

That kid of mine is a trooper. La-la has been doing stuff that, by themselves, are attributable to just being 2 1/2. Falling asleep on the way home from school (hey! It's a long day. Maybe she didn't nap?) Being super grouchy (umm. 2 and a half). Runny nose ( not outside the realm of possiblity). This weekend she finally said that her ear hurt, but I couldn't get her to narrow it down to one, so I wasn't sure what to think (her answers are not always reliable. She told me that daddy paid the lady at Disney, and we inadvertantly shoplifted a plush Pluto and big lollipop near Space Mountain. Of course I explained away the lack of the conspicuous shopping bag. When DH and the boys finished the ride, he said, "Oh, you bought those for her?" A few minutes later, we did) Took her to happy hour at the pediatrician today. Both ears are infected. Never entered my mind that could be the thing. Glad I took her today. Boy would I have felt like a more crappy mother, had I waited.

So, that La-la gave me what she has, and I've been feeling addled and slimy since Sunday. That's another supporting statement for her being a trooper - this sinus business knocked me on my fanny, but La just keeps on trucking.

Today I had the epiphany that it's good to have something brainless on the needles at all times. That garter-stitch-baby-blanket is the perfect project for days like today, where remembering to do the YO after the second stitch is a challenge. Also, it's an excellent stash buster, and good car knitting. I've resolved to always have one on the needles.

The FMB is ready for the handles. The handles are "defined" - the bind-offs are done, so there are only the four active sections on the circ. One thing that I learned from last time was during the row before the bind-offs, to go ahead and count and mark the places where each of the sections begin and end. Very handy.

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