Sunday, July 24, 2005

I had a snappy title for this a few days ago....

Now I'm too tired to remember it, and I'm sure I'll leave out some of the "good" dirt.

I'm plugging away at the garter stitch baby blanket. We're at under 90 stitches/row. When I was at about 97 stitches/row, I approximated the number of stitches I had left as about 5000. (Used the Gaussian formula of n(n-1)/2. Technically it's (n(n-1)/2) - 10, because I stop at the row of 4 stitches. At row 97, the answer is 4646. Depressing, but I chug along. I'm actually at the part where the slingshot acceleration starts, where each row doesn't completely wear you out, and you just want to keep going and finish (at least this is how it is for me, and this is my 4th one of these blankets).

I tried a swatch for DH's scarf, but it involved cable 10 (5 on the cable needle - I had to look it up - when I tried the other swatch for him it was cable 4, and at first I tried 4 on the cable needle.) So, anyway, somewhere on this swatch, before the end of the 1st repeat of the pattern, I dropped a stitch, probably in the cable 10 business. So who's gonna find it in the middle of that mess? Maybe that pattern isn't the one for me. Frogged that puppy.

Speaking of frogging, I frogged the blue chenille sweater. Ruthlessly. Now it's a garter stitch baby blanket. I wish I had bigger than 15 needles, cause I just don't think 15's are big enough for this yarn. It's darn snug on the needles. I'll have to look in the stash.

I'm beat. Very active weekend. Looks like a long week. I just spent an hour and a half shopping for appliances online. Did you know that the 4th wedding anniversary is the year of the appliance? I looked it up at Hallmark's website. If anyone knows, they do. So now DH and I are getting eachother a dryer and a dishwasher. Not sure which is for whom, but I do know that I couldn't get Sears' check and compare feature to work.

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