Sunday, July 31, 2005

School starts tomorrow!

The boy is starting middle school tomorrow. I'm a little worried about him. He tends to be clueless about things. He doesn't know what bus he rides home. He tends to do poorly on the first day of a new way home, but I guess we'll see what happens. The girl wore panties from when we took off last night's diaper this morning til after bath tonight. Both of those kids. Growing up.

Knitting progress - I'm almost done with the garter stitch blanket. I'm hoping to finish tonight. I'm down to 29 stitches in a row. ~400 stitches for the whole thing, perhaps. Got some work done on my sock too - wee! - I'm mostly through with the heel, getting ready to "turn the heel" and make the gusset, after 2 more repeats on the heel flap. Went to Michael's yesterday and La-la helped me pick out some new sock yarn (on clearance, so it hardly counts as stash enhancement at all), and I found a "complete" set of size 3 DPN's. Heck, I'm not even sure if I'm using size 3's right now, but the set of needles I'm using right now are a composition set - I didn't have a full set (from my heirloom stash) of the size, so I've got 2 of 2 different types in circulation, and I think they're slightly different gauges. On this heel flap, I'm using one of each type, and I'm noticing that the purl side is definitely more challenging. I think it's a function of the needles, rather than a function of the pattern. Oh, and interestingly, Michael's has a sit N stitch, they call it, $5 for 2 hours, and they have an instructor present.

I signed on to handle our Troop's popcorn situation. OOOh! I can bring knitting with me to the popcorn meeting on Thursday! What to bring? I'll probably be ready to start a new project or have started one by then. Another sock? A scarf for me? Hmm. Only time will tell. So...if you guys need some Trails End popcorn, I can hook you up!

My LYS is moving from Winter Park to Maitland. I like them. They have a good personality and an interesting selection of gourmet yarn. As their web site points out, they have a delightful sale playpen and a very nice store dog. He got along pretty well with La-la, and she's a crazy toddler, and he's one of those little dogs with bangs in his eyes, so that's saying something. There's something inherently cool about a yarn shop with a store dog. My mechanic has a "store dog" too. It sounds like the new place should have much better parking, and will be closer to me. It's a good thing. I had "martha's voice" faux-tags around the "it's a good thing" but it dumped when I saved as draft and then came back to edit. Sad. You can imagine it though, anyway.

I need to go finish this baby blanket.

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