Thursday, September 01, 2005

FO's and Hurricanes

Here is my hurricane story. You know the monkey? He's my step-son. He's 11 and a delight. I've been a part of his life since he was 4. You know his mother? She lives in New Orleans, in the Orleans Parish. DH went to Tulane. She was a local. They worked together at Ponderosa. They had a baby, he finished college, they got married, moved to Orlando, lived with his crazy family, she left him and moved back home to the Crescent City, pregnant with another man's child. It's a classic story. This all happened by the time the monkey was my La-la's age (2 1/2). She's since gone on to have 3 girls who live with her. Her mom, dad, step-mom, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents all are in New Orleans or nearby.

She rode out the storm at her parents' house. She called in a panic at 4 Tuesday morning, leaving a VM on DH's cell phone [it was 4. She called the house phone first. I couldn't find it in 4 rings, then she tried the cell. I couldn't figure out which one was ringing in 4 rings that time either, but I did manage to get my sunglasses out of my purse], "Tell the monkey I love him and to take care of his little sister." When we called back in the morning, she said the water was still rising.

She called back Wednesday morning at 4:15. I had put the cordless back where it goes on my nightstand, so it was easy to find. She's in Texas. These 4am calls, it's hard to be coherent enough to ask the right questions, like what city (Texas is a big place, from what I understand.) She just wanted to let us know she got there, which I appreciate, but I do have lots of questions for her. Where is she? Who's with her? Are her parents, sibs, and kids OK? Is there anything specific we can do to help them?

I have to confess that after her Wednesday call, I said to myself, "Texas! She should be heading west! What is she thinking? She's never going to get through Mississippi!" Once it was light out, I remebered the correct order of the gulf states - Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and that Texas is west. This is Florida. Everything is West or North of here.

So far, I've.... given a little, and thanks to my employer, we've given a little more through their matching program. One of our Boy Scout friends started a clothing drive. I culled from the monkey's, Lala and my dressers to fill up a tall kitchen garbage bag for that. Tomorrow we're going to round up some supplies for hygiene kits, assemble them, and send them off. It seems like a project where the monkey can really feel like he's doing something useful and helpful.

Now for the finished object! I finished the hat for the Monkey's other friend. (not that I have a picture or anything. Another job for the weekend.) It's another London Beanie, this time emerald green with gold stripes. This too might belong to one of the groups at Hogwarts (Not Slytherin, not Gryffindor, not Hufflepuff, but the other one.) I'm kind of in a dither as to what to start next, so I might make some progress on something else I've got outstanding. I'm feeling like the seed stitch scarf, perhaps. After that green acrylic, the wool/silk feels super fantastic (in the words of Manolo the shoe blogger.)

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