Thursday, October 27, 2005

1 sock down, 2 things cast on

I got Aunt Marilyn's first sock done Tuesday at lunch. I used Peggy's stretchy bind-off, and I also found a good index of sock-binding-off ideas at weebleknits. Because I was too impatient to wait til I got home to see what the secret code word was for the subscriber area on IK. The sock is snazzy, IMHO.

I cast on the second one Tuesday night and am mostly through with the toe.

Wednesday, instead of continuing with the sock momentum, I wound up the Mango Moon yarn (100% viscose, rasberry-to-pink handpaint colorway, think and thin, very spun, I don't really see it listed on their website) for Aunt Marty's scarf. Due to the uneven texture it was really hard to wind into a ball from a hank. I tried it with the Mimi Verylong, and while I like the pattern and it was fun, it was really meant for a smaller yarn. Perhaps this is what I'll do with the yarn I bought for Clapotis. Hmm. So, on size 15 needles with 19 stitches (7 border, 12 inside) it was way frickin wide. Too wide. I decided to go with a drop stitch scarf (see the Keyboard Biologist or Wendy for baseline patterns). I think I cast on 12 stitches on size 15 (us) needles, knit 4 rows, %%(K1, wrap2 in the style of a yarn-over)* to end -1, K1, next row K across, dropping the wraps as you go, knit 3 more rows, repeat from %%. I think it'll be nice, and it's getting long quickly. We like that. I couldn't resist casting it on, because I was starting to worry about it. It's not even Halloween yet, and the countdown to Christmas is starting.

Got some good work knitting done on a dishcloth blanket at a lunch-n-learn yesterday. The sides are at 22". I've got 110 stitches on a row at this point. Just did the math and my goal for a 36" blanket is 180 stitches. 79 more rows to the hypotenuse. Or 11,930 stitches between now and then. Looks like about 160 stitches in a row to have 32" sides. It's kind of amazing the looks you get knitting at a tehcnology company. And how many people have learned to knit in school or how many people who's wives knit. A cheap thrill.

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