Sunday, January 29, 2006

Getting Back on That Horse

Last week, I wound up some Lorna's Laces in Pewter (it could have been named "storm cloud" and been just as descriptive) for socks for me, looked around the internets (thanks Mr. Gore) and found out the recommended needle size and approximate gauge, poked around some more and found a pattern, or rather, didn't found a pattern, but went back to the books and found a pattern I had printed out earlier and my Ann Budd book and even dug out my tape measure and measured my foot and how high I though a sock should go. Settled on #2 needles, went to look for some and lo and behold, no number twos. Crazy. I swear I have a gazillion needles- my own stash plus my heirloom stash. No number twos. Harumph. So, I ordered some. And, while I was there, some 0's, 1's, 4's and 6's. And some more sock yarn. And some Arucania Nature Wool Chunky in color 120 (my three year old and I decided it was the best) - to make the Shoulder Cozy from Wrap Style. The yarn was like $27 for the project, and it seems like something I can use on my Alaska trip - we're going on an Alaska Cruise this summer. Even in June, the temperatures there will be like winter here.

Oh, and Friday I bought new shoes that seem like they'll have room for self-made socks. Between knitting the right way and Grumperina's advice about negative ease, I think I'm ready for that adventure. They're "Mudd" and they seem to run a little big, but are very cute. I can't find anything like them on the web - I got them at DSW (my new favorite shoe store), and they must be from last year or something.

Today, I picked up the mittens again, ready to plow through them, and I am. When I started them this morning, they were just after the wrist-ribbing. Now I only have 1 1/2 thumbs left to finish. Woo Hoo! A FO photo soon. Actually, I owe a bunch probably - my scarf, DH's scarf and soon pretty mittens.

Oh, and Starz Above - I took your advice and reserved a book on CD from the library. Now if only I can get there while they still have it. They only keep them behind the desk for 7 days! (Ok, I realize that anything more than that would hold up the other patrons, and that I have missed the boat before, but I never knew the exact amount of time I had.)

OK - I'm going to go check the card catalog for the book I didn't get cause I didn't get there on time and see if they have it on CD, then go finish the mittens. I hope to have them on the way to my cousin by this weekend. She's in Paris, and which sounds like winter there should last a while, since it's on the same lattitude as Montreal (I Think? A fact I learned in high school French, so the accuracy may be garbled by now).

Next on the needles? Fuzzy feet for me to wear at work. One of my work friends wears slippers all the time, and I have to say that I'm jealous. I have some Purple Lamb's pride that would be perfect, maybe with a turqouise roll on the top.

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Michelle said...

Can't wait to see how you knit up the Arucania! And DSW is the best shoe store ever made. Become apart of their free member program if you haven't already, you get lots of coupons. We won't speak of how much you have to spend to get extra money off. But if I did say something it would be that those types of coupons are great for the types of people who spend enough money to get them. Not that I'd know. ; )