Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Well, more knitting and sewing of course.

LaLaSweater I've been doing some knitting. This is the sweater I started for LaLa. I found EZ's Knitting Workshop at the library and am using that for a guideline of percentages. Yoke or raglan, I haven't decided yet, but figure it doesn't much matter.

The second sock for my BIL is about 2/3 of the way to the heel, but it's being knit toe-up. It's my current desk knitting. So two stockinette in the round projects. Exciting.

I got yarn in the mail yesterday too! I'm making myself finish any one of three projects that I have going right now before I start the baby sweater: the zig-zag tote bag, the socks for BIL or the sweater for Lala, preferably the sweater for LaLa since (a)I'm still not sure on the proportions for little babies and (b)The whole point of making the sweater for Lala was as a rapid prototyping effort.

I've also been sewing. I pieced together the four main pieces for the niece/nephew quilt (they find out the gender (baby-willing) in about 3 weeks) I'm thinking the border will either be a nice bright blue (like robin's egg or a October sky blue) for a boy, and for a girl, I don't know. I don't think Pink will work unless it's really bright and purple might be too heavy. Hmm.

So, I pieced together the four blocks all the same, now I'm not sure how to assemble them. I would love to get some opinions:

1. This one was my original plan. Looking at it in the photo, I still really like it.

2. Variation one - inside and outside checkerboards.

3. Variation two - centered square.

4. The Mason-Dixon variation. Off kilter centered square (this one really bothered DH and so is sure to bother his sister, who is even more OCD than he is.)


StarzAbove said...

The yarn on LaLa's sweater is gorgeous! What is it?

And my opinion on the quilt patterns is that I like both your original design the Mason Dixon variation.

Amanda said...

Hi there! My first visit to your lovely blog. I'm amazed by your LaLa sweater, it's so beautiful.

I like seeing all the quilt variations too! At first I was going to post about how much the Mason-Dixon version bothered me, but then I looked at it differently and the central spot looks like a smiley face, tilted to the left (with cheek spots and a chin). That's cool! So now I like that one the best. My second choice is your variation #1, the original plan.

Have you picked one yet?