Monday, April 09, 2007

Emergency Blankets!

Do you know the ones? Quilted mylar in an impossibly small package hanging in the camping gear section of the store?

We had emergency blankets of a different kind on Sunday. My nephew's blankets got lost! Flannel recieving blankets that I made for his baby shower. Just ordinary cowboy flannel from Joann's. 1 yard cuts. Turn the edges under twice. zig zag stitch. My brother in law nearly made my sister drive back to Orlando to go get them (he's in charge of bedtime). I got an urgent sounding call from my sister asking if I happened to have any more of the fabric. Only small scraps of the brown. None of the purple.

But I did have a couple yards of the trains from another nephew's quilt! I had intended to make pajama pants for the nephews with it. But this is just as good a use as any, right? Had enough for two blankets. And I can make pants out of the trucks flannel that I've got.

Emergency Blanket

Should get there by noon on Tuesday. And the hotel had the orginals and will send them down also. Can't have too many.

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