Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Look Knitting!

I've been doing procrastination projects. Short turn-around, immediate gratification.

My current WIP:
1. DH's sweater (at 10 1/2" for the body. Boring stockinette. Might photograph soon cause it's pretty.)

2. Brown socks for DH. (Frogged recently. Went up a needle size have about 4 rounds done now.)

3. Shetland Triangle (slow going. Each repeat is going to take a bigger and bigger time commitment. Looks like boiled fanny right now anyway.)

Recently completed:

hats lounging on the sofa

L: Caron Simply soft. Size 9 needles. 80 or 81 stitches (definitely grown-up sized). Swirling decreases at the top (Similar to ChicKnits Beanie). Currently in the charity pile.

R: Elann Peruvian Highland (green), KnitPicks Andean wool (grey), size 7 needles, 72 stitches, decreases similar to Knitty's Half-Dome. For the Monkey, who lost his hat, probably at Boy Scout Camp last summer and so he didn't have a nice wool hat to wear on the survival campout in January.

I should have a review of Paton's SWS soon. (preview: I like it).

Also, am planning on making a new hat for DH. These were his choices. I don't think he told me what he liked out of them, cause I'm sure he doesn't really want me to buy yarn to make a Tulane inspired one that he requested.

Wool Choices *I think throwing the wool on the couch and having another look at it is good to do once in a while (a)there's stuff I forgot I had which is kind of sad, really and (b)I never would have thought of cranberry and spring green together and now I really want to make a cranberry hat with spring green stripes.

Finally, a new hat and mittens set for La is on the horizon. From some snazzy heirloom yarn. I think she lost one or the other when we were in Connecticut for Christmas.

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