Sunday, April 08, 2007

Ironing has commenced.

face Happy Easter! (Or, if you don't celebrate Easter, Happy Sunday!)

So, the quilt strips have not only been ironed, but sewn together. Now the next question is what to use for the back. Went through the stash and found some choices. I would love to hear your input. Got opinions from DH, La, and the monkey and they each picked a different one. Frankly, there is no particular recipient yet, which DH points out is why this is a hard question. I do know that it's a "girl quilt" but not sure who it's for exactly.

quilt back possiblities

1. Blue and white striped seersucker. Crisp and summery. Neutral. (DH's favorite)

2. Blue shirting. Sort of like oxford cloth, but a little more slippery.

3. Striped seersucker. Somehow this one has kind of a 70's palette and yet the colors work well with the colors on the front.

4. Blue and yellow flowers. From my grandmother's stash. smooth cotton. might be sheeting. (La's favorite).

5. Pink and red flowers. Terrycloth. From my grandmother's stash. Can't tell if this will be soft and snuggly or not.

6a and 6b. Pink with bouquets and pink with castles and horses and carriages. From my grandmother's stash. Neither are quite big enough to be the back on its own, so would be pieced, probably in wide stripes. (the monkey's pick) At least one of these fabrics has a cerain amount of grunginess that either needs to be cut around or washed out.

I would love to hear your opinion.


Janelle said...

My first preference in the ones you posted is 6b, the darker pink, but as you mention it would need to be pieced with the lighter one, maybe that would be too busy. It's hard to tell in the photo how well the stripes in seersucker #1 match the quilt front. If it looks okay together, that's my second choice. The striped #3 is my third choice. HTH!

Suzy said...

I like #3 the best from a color-going-together perspective, and the 6a/6b combo from a "feel" perspective (that is, looks the most consistent in time or whatever).

You continue to amaze me!! And clearly someone (possibly even me) should have policed the hotel room better ...