Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It's time to iron!

I've picked up the feedsack quilt again.

Friday Night I finished sewing the big block strips and got this:

Feedsack Quilt

Last night I finished sewing up the strips of small blocks. I had it spread out on the floor to see how many more needed to be made. Came back to add in the last two and found this:

Dog on the design floor

Finally got Tiger to move and got this:


For a random design, I am pretty orderly. I really tended to put certain colors next to certain colors because I liked it, so I ended up with green and orange in the center, red, blue, yellow, and purple towards the outside. Sort of disappointing, but not completely unexpected.

Also, my seam allowance seemed to vary widely - making the strips vary. It's going to take a little someting to sew the strips all together and not make it look all higgeldy-piggeldy. I also have to wonder if I had bought the pattern this is based on, instead of reinventing the wheel, how it was supposed to go together (and if it would have been easier or more foolproof).

Next step? Iron the strips (I like to go as far as I can before I HAVE to iron), and put the strips together.