Friday, April 13, 2007

Renovation Watch 2007

The bathroom is now functional! Here's what happened this week.

First: With Grout! We marked where stuff should hang up with blue painter's tape.

With Grout

With Grout from Tub

Then: With the rest of the plumbing! Now the bathroom is fully functional from a technical standpoint. La took the first bath that night. Notice no shower curtain rod, so the monkey still used the other shower.

New Sink

tub controls & grab bar

Finally: With holes drilled into the tile (and the shower curtain!)

shower curtain and paint selection

Today was shopping for the bathroom: bath mats, paint (we ended up with a lighter blue. La picked it, and I concured because I kind of thought the match-matchy blue was a little too Smurfy.), and the start of a storage piece for between the sink and toilet. After we paint then we'll hang up the towel bars and move the rest of the way in.

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