Sunday, August 26, 2007

The titles, they fly right out of my head well before their time.

Catchy, hunh? And tells you just what the post will be about? That was my goal. :^)

I finished the knit hat for the whipper-snapper. Well, except for weaving in the ends and making the pom-poms. Instead of figuring out the decreases in pattern, which believe me, I did try, I ended up with a square hat. I can't help but think they're darn cute.

Pink Cable Hat

I've been tackling the pile of fabric on the sewing dining table too. The souvenier pillow cases are done.

Pillow cases
From L to R: for the whippersnapper, La, and the monkey. La and the Monkey have already put theirs to use. Reports are the fabric is soft.

Also, another pair of shorts with pockets for La. Clearance fabric from Joann's. Seersucker. Has a silver thread running through it every so often. This really reminds me of my mom for some reason.

shorts with pockets

Here's a closeup of the closing for the elastic casing. I've started sewing it with contrast thread (project thread still in the bobbin - the contrast only shows on the inside). This way 4 year olds and their mothers can tell which side is the front. Without having to think back to the pattern and that the "big notches" were in the back.

casing closure

Well, DH's socks are really almost done. 1 or 2 rows until the toe decreases so maybe I can get them done tonight. Have a good day tonight.

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