Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My Adventures in Triage

Last Tuesday and Wednesday, my left arm was tingly numb. I called the nurse line at the OB's office on Tuesday when it became obvious that it wasn't just going away. They said to go to Triage at the fancy hospital for Women and Babies. I felt silly going, so I didn't.

Wednesday, my left arm was still numb and tingly. It was still usable, just making me a little extra crabby. It seemed to get worse and better. It wasn't keeping me awake. So after work Wednesday, I called DH's little sister the paramedic to get a second opinion. She kind of freaked me out a little and I went to the grocery store to get my blood pressure taken after dinner from that goofy machine outside the pharmacy. It was "high normal", and I think my arm is too thick to get an accurate reading so I went home and got my knitting and went to triage. I also got to thinking about how I needed to take my health and the baby's health seriously - I would feel horrible if something happened to the baby, and I don't want to miss out - and started to feel like a selfish jerk for not doing a better job taking care of myself (pregnancy drama?).

So, I went to the fancy hospital for women and babies triage. Wait for an hour. Get my vitals taken (hurts like heck to have your blood pressure taken on a tingly arm), hear the heartbeat (delightful and she found it even faster than the doctors usually do), talk to the nurse about this arm business. She calls my doctor. Comes back after a little while.

Sounds like carpal tunnel. Fah. Of course! Software Engineer. Pregnant and my joints are starting to be out of whack. So I'm supposed to keep track of it, let them know if my arm becomes unusable, and follow up in the office this week. I went to the intranet site at work and read the article about ergonomics and adjusted my chair as much as I could. Since I've been paying attention to it, it's been much better, and from what I've read on the internet, it should go away after the baby's on the outside.
That husband of mine thinks I need to stop knitting in the mean time! Hard to fathom! I'll need to ask the docs about it, but I'm hoping I can keep knitting. The little lemongrass sweater is almost done. The blanket is almost halfway. I was just starting to think about socks for me!

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