Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Getting Back on that Horse

Not the sweater horse. That's still waiting to see if it's going to fit DH (or the Monkey).

The quilting horse. After the debacle with the needle flying out at me with the new walking foot, I was letting it rest a moment. I had an epiphany that maybe, just maybe if I dialed the tension down to something remarkably low (like 0), I might have a fighting chance. And I did manage to make it through the quilting phase. We'll see how it holds up in the wash. Now, I need to pick out binding. I'm considering making my own binding. I picked up a binding folder gizmo when the local Hancock's was going out of business.

Watercolor quilt

Sometime last week, I picked up the monkey socks and knit a repeat (woo-hoo?) It was as fun as I remembered it. I'm hoping to get another one done tonight during Project Runway.

Monkey Socks

I whipped up some shorts for La. February in Florida. Means it's almost time for shorts. They're McCalls 9206 - a boys pattern, because they are the ones that seem to ever have pockets. Apparently little girls don't need them. News to Amelia.

Shorts for La

And I saw this bag pattern on WhipUp and made one out of leftovers from La's quilt. I'm thinking about using some beat up sheets to make a whole set of bags. DH has been hoping that I'd make some shopping bags for a few years now. This one is lined (vs. overlocking the edges, as described in the pattern). Figuring out how to sew it together so that you can still turn it right side out was a little tricky. I sewed two bags (one seam from the left "armpit" corner around the bottom to the right armpit corner). Then I sewed the two bags together, right sides together at the armpits, front of the neck and back of the neck. The tops of the handles were the openings. I turned it right side out through one of the handles. It got a little bunchy and challenging, and would have been more difficult with thicker, stiffer fabric. But with this thrifted sheet, it worked OK.

Charlie bag

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