Friday, March 07, 2008

In the sick house

Some kind of cold is running through the house. The Monkey was home last Friday. DH was home last Monday. El has been having sniffles but no major fever,etc. La came home sick from school today, poor thing. And I've been moving like molasses in January, with a sore throat that finally turned into a runny nose.

So, I've been remiss about the blogging. That's not to say nothing has been happening, but I don't really have an pictures. I have a good dent in the grocery bags. I need to cut out some more insides.

Did I tell you about the pennant/bunting that I'm making for the girls' room? I'm using this batch of fats to make it.

Electric Quilt It will be fierce.

I dug through the treasure box (of scrap fabrics) to find material to try making these cloth shoes for El. Those baby socks. Knitting them seems like it would take too long. Store bought ones somehow don't get lost at school, but they seem to get lost in the wash. I was thinking about using flannel inside and regular cotton on the outside.

Last Friday I went to a spring training game - Braves vs. Dodgers at Disney's stadium. Lots of fun. I brought my "work sock", which is currently at the heel flap stage. Braves won handily. The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Life's A Beach. For a while it just looked like tarnish to me, but it's growing on me (like tarnish).

Life's A Beach

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